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Web design

A base package which includes set-up & publishing of a 5-page site including home page, contact page with Google map & contact form, and three other pages as well as hosting, e-mail for the first year.

Building on this, there are many other features available to incorporate into your site which make your site work harder making it easier for your customers to be customers. Here are some ideas of what you may choose to integrate into your site;

Additional pages - pages can be added on as necessary

Product search - Allow customers to search your products in an clearly laid out structure.

Administration - Have a secure admin area to manage your products, customers & orders.

Self-subscribe mailing list - Allow your customer to sign up for a mailing list so you can keep them updated

Real-time suggestions - As customer start typing, make suggestions in real-time

Automated e-mails - Send your customers HTML e-mails automatically from the website.

Google maps - Publish your own customised icons on a Google map embedded in your site.

RSS feeds - Publish your information as an RSS feed for others to syndicate.

Datafeeds - Taking information from your suppliers and using it to update your system can save hours of manual updating.

Accounts integration - Automatically send order to your accounting software to save time and mistakes caused by manual entry.

Google search - Use Google to search your site, display the results branded with your own corporate branding.

GeoIP - knowing where your customers are can help you provide the right information to them.

E-mail automation - receive information by e-mail and integrate it into your site.


Because websites are designed specifically for you, it isn't possible to give an off the shelf price. Websites start from £500 with an e-commerce solution usually starting around £1800.

Please contact us to have a chat about your requirements and although we like to get all the details planned before we provide a quote, we can give you an idea of what can be included in your budget.