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E-mail hosting available with unlimited forwarding accounts. Access via POP3 or IMAP using SSL or TLS secure options if required.

All e-mail accounts come with a customisable anti-spam solution which gives you the option to either simply tag or delete spam e-mail. Inbound e-mail can be configured to be delivered to groups, mailboxes or forwarded to another address.

Choose from having a mailbox, email forwarding or both.
Forward mail to a group or individual address.
Auto reply setup - set up an automatic response to e-mails for when you go on holiday.
Anti-spam - server-side anti-spam removes spam e-mails so you don't even have to download them saving you time and bandwidth.
Anti-virus - server-side anti-virus removes infected e-mails so you don't even have to download them saving you time and bandwidth.


There are plenty of articles on the internet about the difference, but as a quick summary (some details are skipped to keep it simple!);

POP3 - the e-mail is downloaded from the server and saved on your computer. This means that if you connect with multiple devices (desktop computer, phone, ipad etc) then you will not see all the mail as once it is downloaded, it is no longer available

The benefit of this is that you do not fill up your mailbox with old mail. Also, you can still access downloaded mail even if you do not have an internet connection

IMAP - Mail is saved on the server and can be accessed from any device. You must be connected to the internet to use it. This is handy if you use lots of devices and want to see all your mail history from any of them. Your mailbox will usually need more space as all your mail is held on the server.

Best compromise for many people - set up your main computer with a POP3 account so mail is downloaded to your computer. When you are away from your computer, then you can access any new mail with your phone/ipad using IMAP. You will not be able to see old mail that has already been downloaded to your computer, but you will be able to see any new mail that has come in since you last connected with your computer. The new mail will still be on the server after you looked on your phone (assuming you don't delete it!) when you get back to your computer.

E-mail settings for TradeInternet customers:

Incoming mail (receiving mail)

Incoming mailserver:

Your username (which will be your full e-mail address) and your password will be supplied.

Outgoing mail (sending mail)

Outgoing mailserver:

Username and password will be the same as the incoming mail server

Note: Please make sure you use login to send mail (same settings as incoming mail)
Outlook has a box (usually in advanced/more settings) saying 'My server requires Authentication' which needs to be ticked.