Webdesign & programming

Since 1999, I have been creating innovative web sites for clients in the UK. When the world is going call centre crazy, it is refreshing to speak to your designer directly allowing you to get exactly what you need done, when you need it. Over 12 years experience gives customers the benefit of technical knowledge to support the development of web sites that ‘do stuff’ while the creative development make the ‘stuff’ easy to use. Tell me about your ‘stuff’ is and I will tell you how your web site can work harder for you and your customers!


Online shopping cart systems designed specifically to your needs taking payment online using secure web sites.

user control systems

User control systems

Log in system which can restrict access to certain categories or specific users and provide personalised page content.

data management

Data management

Edit your products and display
the information in an easily
searchable or categorised way.


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